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After the Victorians The Decline of Britain in the World

After the Victorians - A. N. Wilson - Régikönyvek
After the Victorians - Régikönyvek After the Victorians - Régikönyvek After the Victorians - Régikönyvek
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The distinguished historian A.N. Wilson has charted, in vivid detail, Britain's rise to world dominance, a tale of how one small island nation came to be the mightiest, richest country on earth, reigning over much of the globe. Now in his much anticipated sequel to the classic The Victorians, he describes how in little more than a generation Britain's power and influence in the world would virtually dissolve. In After the Victorians, Wilson presents a panoramic view of an era, stretching from the death of Queen Victoria in 1901 to the dawn of the cold war in the early 1950s. He offers riveting accounts of the savagery of World War I and the world-altering upheaval of the Communist Revolution. He explains Britain's role in shaping the destiny of the Middle East. And he casts a bright new light on the World War II years: Britain played a central role in defeating Germany but at a severe cost. The nation would emerge from the war bankrupt and fatally weakened, sidelined from world politics, while America would assume the mantle of dominant world power, facing off against the Soviet Union in the cold war. Wilson's perspective is not confined to the trenches of the battlefield and the halls of parliament: he also examines the parallel story of the beginnings of Modernism-he visits the novelists, philosophers, poets, and painters to see what they reveal about the activities of the politicians, scientists, and generals. Blending military, political, social, and cultural history of the most dramatic kind, A.N. Wilson offers an absorbing portrait of the decline of one of the world's great powers. The result is a fresh account of the birth pangs of the modern world, as well as a timely analysis of imperialism and its discontents.

Farrar, Straus & Giroux
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New York
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List of Illustrations vii
Foreword and Acknowledgements xi

Oedipus Rex, Oedipus Kaiser 3
Rupees and Virgins 18
3 The Land 33
4 The Accursed Power 48
5 Love in the Suburbs 69
6 God — and the Americans 8o
7 Nationalisms 96
8 Shipwreck 114
9 An Asiatic Power 12.9
10 Barbarous Kings 147
Ir Revolutions 165
u. Chief 178
r3 Peace 193
14 Protons — Massacres — Bombs. Ireland and Iraq 2..06
15 Communists and Fascism — The Allure of Violence 2,2.1
16 The Silly Generation — From Oswald Spengler to
Nod Coward 2.30
17 The Means of Grace and the Hope of Glory 2.42.
i8 The Secrets of a Woman's Heart — Marie Stopes,
Radclyffe Hall 260
19 For the Benefit of Empire 2.72.
zo The ABC of Economics 2.79
2.1 Puzzles and Pastoral 2.89
22 Two Thousand Whispered Voices 305
2.3 Politics 318
2.4 The Abdication 330
2.5 The European Crisis 349
2.6 The Special Relationship I 370
2.7 Churchill in 1940 383
2.8 From the Battle of Britain to Pearl Harbor 394
2.9 Bombers and the Bombed 406
3o In the Broadcast 42.0
31 The Special Relationship II 434

32. Prisoners 450
33 If God Wearied of Mankind 461
34 Retributions 476
35 The End of the British Empire — India and Palestine488
36 Widmerpool's Britain 500
37 The Hereditary Principle 516

Notes 52.9
Bibliography 558
Index 579

A. N. Wilson

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