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Cappadocia - Mehmet Cuhadar - Régikönyvek
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Cappadocia is a triangle with three beautiful towns on its three points: Nevsehir, Urgup and Avanos. It is the name of the ancient province in central Anatolia. The irresistible region is created through violent eruptions of the volcanoes Mt. Erciyes (3,916 m.) and Mt. Hasan (3,268 m.) three million years ago. In the middle of this triangle lies Goreme, the famous town with rock churches. The river Kizilirmak, red river in other words, the wind and the weather have eroded the soft volcanic rock into hundreds and hundreds of strangely shaped pillars, cones and "fairy chimneys" or isolated pinnacles. The Taurus mountains, which are technically part of the Alpine chain, in their creation 60 million years ago, caused the warping of the Anatolian plateau. The resulting volcanoes, including the spectacular Mount Erciyas and Mount Hasan, produced the tuff from which the unique landscape of Cappadocia is formed. There is no historical record of activity from these ancient volcanoes but there are three surviving memorials, although it is likely that these were created by people who had heard about the eruptions through folk history rather than having actually witnessed it themselves. It took millions of years for the ash from these volcanoes to form a layer of tuff, covered in places by a further layer of basalt lava. The basalt ultimately cracked and split under attack from the weather and rainwater seeped down through the cracks and splits to slowly erode the tuff itself. The natural effects of alternating very hot and very cold weather and the rain and the wind breaking down the rock's resistance caused (and continues to cause) the emergence of the tall cones of tuff capped by hard basalt which the Turks call Fairy Chimneys. At the beginning of Christianity, the early Christians made countless cave churches and monasteries. There are over 400 scattered all through the valleys waiting to be explored.

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ragasztott papír
Szélesség: 19.00cm, Magasság: 27.00cm

Mehmet Cuhadar

Mehmet Cuhadar  további könyvei

Kiadás éve: 1982
Antikvár könyv
600 Ft

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