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Demarcating the Disciplines Philosophy, Literature, Art

Demarcating the Disciplines - Samuel Weber - Régikönyvek
Demarcating the Disciplines - Régikönyvek Demarcating the Disciplines - Régikönyvek Demarcating the Disciplines - Régikönyvek
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Demarcating the Disciplines was first published in 1986. Minnesota Archive Editions uses digital technology to make long-unavailable books once again accessible, and are published unaltered from the original University of Minnesota Press editions. With publication of this volume, Glyph begins a new stage in its existence: the move from Johns Hopkins University Press to the University of Minnesota Press is accompanied by a change in focus. In its first incarnation Glyph provided a forum in which established notions of reading, writing, and criticism could be questioned and explored. Since then, the greater currency of such concerns has brought with it new problems and priorities. Setting aside the battles of the past, the new Glyph looks ahead - to confront historical issues and to address the institutional and pedagogical questions emerging from the contemporary critical landscape. Each volume in the new Glyph series is organized around a specific issue. The essays in this first volume explore the relations between the practice of reading and writing and the operations of the institution. Though their approaches differ from one another, the authors of these essays all recognize that the questions of the institution - most notably the university - points toward a series of constraints that define, albeit negatively, the possibilities for change. The contributors: Samuel Weber, Jacques Derrida, Tom Conley, Malcolm Evans, Ruth Salvaggio, Robert Young, Henry Sussman, Peter Middleton, David Punter, and Donald Preziosi.

Glyph Textual Studies 1.
University of Minnesota Press
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Preface vii
Introduction Samuel Weber ix
1 The Age of Hegel Jacques Derrida 3
Appendix: To the Royal Ministry of
Spiritual, Academic, and Medical
Affairs G. W. F. Hegel
2 Institutionalizing Translation: Ön
Florio's Montaigne Tom Conley 45
3 Asterion's Door: Truth's True Contents
in Shakespeare, Nietzsche, Artaud, the
Reverend A. E. Sims . . .
Malcolm Evans 61
4 Shakespeare in the Wilderness; or De-
construction in the Classroom
Ruth Salvaggio 95
5 "For Thou Wert There": History, Era-
sure, and Superscription in The Prelude
Robert Young 103
6 The Marble Faun and the Space of
American Letters Henry Sussman 129
7 The Academic Development of The
Waste Land Peter Midclleton 153

8 Caught in the Act of Reading
Samuel Weber 181
9 University English Teaching: Observa-
tions on Symbolism and Reflexivity
David Punter 215
10 Between Power and Desire: The Mar-
gins of the City Donald Preziosi 237
Contributors 255

Samuel Weber

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