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Forever in the Shadow of Hitler? Original Documents of the Historikerstreit, the Controversy Concerning the Singularity of the Holocaust

Forever in the Shadow of Hitler? - Régikönyvek
Forever in the Shadow of Hitler? - Régikönyvek Forever in the Shadow of Hitler? - Régikönyvek Forever in the Shadow of Hitler? - Régikönyvek
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This work offers an English translation of primary documents that contributed to a debate in Germany in 1987 before the General Election in the Federal Republic on the need to reassess the historical interpretation of the Holocaust and the legacy of the Third Reich.

James Knowlton, Truett Cates
Humanities Press International, Inc.
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New Jersey
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Publisher's Note to the English Edition xi
Editorial Preface xii

ERNST NOLTE Between Historical Legend and 1
Revisionism? The Third Reich in
the Perspective of 1980
MICHAEL STÜRMER History in a Land without History 16
ERNST NOLTE The Past That Will Not Pass: A 18
Speech That Could Be Written but
Not Delivered
CHRISTIAN MEIER Condemning and Comprehending 24
JÜRGEN HABERMAS A Kind-of Settlement of Damages: 34
The Apologetic Tendencies in
German History Writing
MICHA BRUMLIK New Myth of State: The 45
Eastern Front. The Most Recept
Development in the Discipline
of History in the Federal
Republic of Germany
KLAUS HILDEBRAND The Age of Tyrants: History and 50
Politics: The Administrators of the
Enlightenment, the Risk of
Scholarship, and the Preservation of
a Worldview. A Reply to Jürgen
ERNST NOLTE Letter to the Editor of Die Zeit, 56
August 1, 1986
JÜRGEN IIABERMAS Letter to the Editor of the 58
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung,
August 11, 1986

MICHAEL STÜRMER Letter to the Klitor of the 61 CHRISTIAN ME1ER Keynote Address on the Occasion 135
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, of the Opening of the Thirty-Sixth
August 16, 1986 Conference of German Historians

JOACHIM FEST Encumbered Remembrance: 63 in Trier, October 8, 1986

The Controversy about the TI IOMAS NIPPERDEY Under the Domination of Suspicion: 143
Incomparahility of Scholarly Statements Should Not Be
National-Socialist Mass Crimes Judged by Their Political Function

KARL DIETRICH Letter to the Editor of the 72 IMANUEL GEISS Letter to the Editor of Der Spiegel, 147
BRACHER Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, October 20, 1986
September 6, 1986
ERNST NOLTE Standing Things on Their Heads: 149
EBERHARD JACKEL The Impoverished Practice of 74 Against Negative Nationalism in
Insinuation: The Singular Aspect Interpreting History
of National-Socialist Crimes Cannot
Be Denied ANDREAS HILLGRUBER No Questions Are 155
Forbidden to Research
HELMUT FLEISCHER The Morality of History: On the 79
Dispute about the Past That Will JÜRGEN HABERMAS On the Public Use of History: The 162
Not Pass Official Self-Understanding of the
Federal Republic Is Breaking Up
JÜRGEN KOCKA Hitler Should Not Be Repressed by 85
Stalin and Pol Pot: On the Attempts HEINRICH AUGUST Eternally in the Shadow of Hitler? 171
of German Historians to Relativize W1NKLER The Dispute about the Germans'
the Enormity of the Nazi Crimes Understanding of History

HAGEN SCHULZE Questions We Have to Face: No 93 CHRISTIAN MEIER Not a Concluding Remark 177

Historical Stance without National KURT SONTHEIMER Makeup Artists Are Creating a New 184
Identity Identity

HANNO IIELBLING A Searching Image of the Past: What 98 KLAUS HILDEBRAND He Who Wants to Escape the 188
Is Expected from German History Abyss Will Have to Sound It Very
Books Precisely: Is the New German

HANS MOMMSEN Search for the "Lost History"? 101 History Writing Revisionist?
Observations on the Historical Self- MICHAEL STÚRMER How Much History Weighs 196
Evidence of the Federal Republic
ANDREAS HILLGRUBER Letter to the Editor of the 198
HANS MOMMSEN The New Historical Consciousness 114 Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung,
and the Relativizing of National November 29, 1986
RR IARD LÖWENTHAL Letter to the Editor of the 199
MARTIN BROSZAT Where the Roads Part: History Is 125 Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung,
Not a Suitable Substitute for a November 29, 1986
Religion of Nationalism

RUDOLF AUGSTEIN The New Auschwitz Lie 130

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