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Inquisition in Eden

Inquisition in Eden - Alvah Bessie - Régikönyvek
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One night in 1938, during the Spanish Civil War, when Alvah Bessie was fighting with the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, his company commander said, “You started something, baby, when you came to Spain.” Twelve years later, when Bessie finally realized the significance of that remark, he had ended one of the most glamorous of all careers and was serving a year’s sentence in a prison cell in Texas. In this wry, witty, and moving personal narrative, he is the first of the famous “Hollywood Ten” to tell the whole incredible story of the ten screenwriters, producers, and directors who went to jail for a misdemeanor called contempt of Congress when they declined to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1947. Even at the time this book was written, only a couple of the convicted men, all distinguished in their fields, were considered acceptable in Hollywood under their own names. For Bessie and hundreds of other motion-picture artists, there was the Blacklist. Bessie went to Hollywood in 1943 as a widely published critic and novelist. Four years later he was a highly paid, rapidly rising screenwriter, with an Academy Award nomination for the first original story he had written for film (Objective Burma) and a reputation for radical views that were tolerated if not shared by his colleagues. Then, in October, 1947, with his appearance before the HUAC, the big money and the glamour came to a stunning end. In a devastating look at the Hollywood of the forties, he tells some wildly funny stories – and some image-destroying ones – about the men and women who made the Hollywood legend, and all the famous and infamous, accomplished and incompetent who wheeled and dealed on the movie lots.

Seven Seas Books
Seven Seas Publ.
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Alvah Bessie

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