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Lessons And Legacies The Meaning of the Holocaust in a Changing World

Lessons And Legacies - Peter Hayes - Régikönyvek
Lessons And Legacies - Régikönyvek Lessons And Legacies - Régikönyvek Lessons And Legacies - Régikönyvek
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Nearly half a century after the Nazi massacre of the Jews in Europe, the Holocaust is now moving from the domain of experience to that of history. It is becoming the subject of recorded rather than living memory. Is real comprehension of the development and horror of the Nazi onslaught accessible to us? If so, through what intellectual processes or categories of understanding, and in the face of what temptations or diversions? How can we preserve, expand, and apply our knowledge of why and how barbarity came to prevail? What meaning can present and future generations derive from the catastrophe? These are the vital questions addressed by the essays in this volume.

Northwestern University Press
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Theodore Zev Weiss
Foreword ix
Peter Hayes
Introduction 1
Raul Hilberg
Opening Remarks: The Discovery of the Holocaust 11

I. Themes
Saul Friedlünder
The "Final Solution": Ön the Unease in
Historical Interpretation 23
Yehuda Bauer
Holocaust and Genocide: Some Comparisons 36
Steven T Katz
Ideology, State Power, and Mass Murder / Genocide 47
Berel Lang
The History of Evil and the Future of the Holocaust 90
Michael R. Marrus
The Use and Misuse of the Holocaust 106
David Vita/
After the Catastrophe: Aspects of Contemporary
Jewry 120

II. Deeds
Hans Mommsen
The Reaction of the German Population to the
Anti-Jewish Persecution and the Holocaust 141
Claudia Koonz
Genocide and Eugenics: The Language of Power 155
Robert Gellately
"A Monstrous Uneasiness": Citizen Participation
and Persecution of the Jews in Nazi Germany 178
Christopher R. Browning •
One Day in Jozefow: Initiation to Mass Murder 196
Nechama Tec
Helping Behavior and Rescue During the Holocaust 210

III. Encounters
Lawrence Langer
Redefining Heroic Behavior: The Impromptu Self
and the Holocaust Experience 227
Alvin H. Rosenfeld
Popularization and Memory: The Case of Anne Frank 243
James E. Young
Israel's Memorial Landscape: Sho'ah, Heroism,
and National Redemption 279
Franklin H. Littell
Early Warning: Detecting Potentially Genocidal
Movements 305
Holocaust Educational Foundation Volunteers
Tellers and Listeners: The Impact of Holocaust
Narratives 316

Geoffrey H. Hartman
Closing Remarks 329
Notes on the Contributors 337
Notes 341

Peter Hayes

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Kiadás éve: 1966
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