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Mbuti Design Paintings by Pygmy Women of the Ituri Forest

Mbuti Design - Georges Meurant - Régikönyvek
Mbuti Design - Régikönyvek Mbuti Design - Régikönyvek
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The Mbuti people, who live in the Ituri rainforest of northeastern Zaire, are one of the few remaining hunter-gatherer cultures in the world. Since 3500 BC they have been famed for their rich arts of music and dancing, but until recently the barkcloth drawings and paintings originally made by the women as loincloths for ceremonies and dances have been virtually unknown in the west. The qualities of these drawings and their reflection of the Mbuti people's way of life, are explored and illustrated in this volume. The drawings are closely analyzed, examined both thematically and aesthetically, and the wider influence of African "forager" art forms on contemporary world art is discussed.

Thames and Hudson
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Szélesség: 25.00cm, Magasság: 30.50cm
Georges Meurant Robert Farris Thompson

7 Maps Impulse ond Repose:

The Art of Ituri Women
9 The Mbuti of the Ituri Forest

185 Introduction: Art in an Eternity of Forest
15 Mbuti Design

189 The Psalm Without Words [kong° beere
23 The Colour Plotes

191 The Emerold Idiom: Honoring Spirits
127 Aesthetic
in their Free-Form Longuage

The Principles:
200 Twelve Painters of the Forest
129 1 The dot — the dash — the constellation

131 2 Constituent motifs in the 'constellation' 205 Mbuti Design and the History of Art

133 3 The integration of motifs with the
linear progression 206 The Origins of Mbuti Art

137 4 The expansion of the linear progression 207 The Canon of the Forest:

139 5 The division of a surface into parallel Ituri Design in the History of Art

141 6 From the broken line to the lattice 209 Forager Art and the Western World:
143 7 The lattice, the chequerboard pattern, Of Writing and Rhythm

the straight interlace 214 Conclusion

145 8 Links between straight and

oblique partitions

The Motifs:

147 1 Punctiform figures

149 2 The progression of punctiform figures

151 3 The explosion of the punctiform figure

153 4 The spiral ond its uncoiling

155 5 Geneses

157 6 The writhing multitude

159 7 Figures formed from simple parallel segments

161 8 Representations involving the cross

Thematic Interpretation:

163 Pure ort, symbol or representation?

165 Generic themes

Mbuti Design and that of their Neighbours:

167 The artists of the Ituri forest

173 Similarities between Mangbetu and

Mbuti design
179 Twa design from Lake Kivu 217 Bibliography

180 Conclusion 221 Glossary of African terms

183 Sources for the illustrations 222 Index

Georges Meurant

Georges Meurant  további könyvei

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