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Men, Machines and Modern Times

Men, Machines and Modern Times - Elting E. Morison - Régikönyvek
Men, Machines and Modern Times - Régikönyvek Men, Machines and Modern Times - Régikönyvek
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Men, Machines, and Modern Times, though ultimately concerned with a positive alternative to an Orwellian 1984, offers an entertaining series of historical accounts taken from the nineteenth century to highlight a main theme: the nature of technological change, the fission brought about in society by such change, and society's reaction to that change. Beginning with a remarkable illustration of resistance to innovation in the U.S. Navy following an officer's discovery of a more accurate way to fire a gun at sea, Elting Morison goes on to narrate the strange history of the new model steamship, the Wapanoag, in the 1860s. He then continues with the difficulties confronting the introduction of the pasteurization process for milk; he traces the development of the Bessemer process; and finally, he considers the computer. While the discussions are liberally sprinkled with amusing examples and anecdotes, all are related to the more profound and current problem of how to organize and manage system of ideas, energies, and machinery so that it will conform to the human dimension.

The MIT Press
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1 Introductory Observations, Personal
and Otherwise i

2 Gunfire at Sea: A Case Study of Innovation 17

3 Data Processing in a Bureau Drawer 45

4 The Pertinence of the Past in Computing
the Future 67

5 A Little More on the Computer 88

6 Men and Machinery 98

7 "Almost the Greatest Invention" 123

8 some Proposals 206

Index 227

Elting E. Morison

Elting E. Morison  további könyvei

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Kiadás éve: 1982
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