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Probing the Limits of Representation Nazism and the "Final Solution"

Probing the Limits of Representation - Friedlander, Saul - Régikönyvek
Probing the Limits of Representation - Régikönyvek Probing the Limits of Representation - Régikönyvek
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Can the Holocaust be compellingly described or represented? Or is there some core aspect of the extermination of the Jews of Europe which resists our powers of depiction, of theory, of narrative? In this volume, twenty scholars probe the moral, epistemological, and aesthetic limits of an account or portrayal of the Nazi horror. These essays expose to scrutiny questions that have a pressing claim on our attention, our conscience, and our cultural memory. First presented at a conference organized by Saul Friedlander, they are now made available for the wide consideration and discussion they merit. Christopher Browning, Hayden White, Carlo Ginzburg, Martin Jay, Dominick LaCapra, and others focus first on the general question: can the record of his historical event be established objectively through documents and witnesses, or is every historical interpretation informed by the perspective of its narrator? The suggestion that all historical accounts are determined by a preestablished narrative choice raises the ethical and intellectual issues of various forms of relativization. In more specific terms, what are the possibilities of historicizing National Socialism without minimizing the historical place of the Holocaust. Also at issue are the problems related to an artistic representation, particularly the dilemmas posed by aestheticization. John Felstiners, Yael S. Feldman, Sidra Ezahi, Eric Santner, and Anton Kaes grapple with these questions and confront the inadequacy of words in the face of the Holocaust. Others address the problem of fitting Nazi policies and atrocities into the history of Western thought and science. The book concludes with Geoffrey Hartmans's evocative meditation on memory.

Harvard University Press
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Contents 10 Habermas, Enlightenment, and Antisemitism 155
Vincent E Pecora

11 Between Image and Phrase: Progressive History and the
"Final Solution" as Dispossession 171
Introduction 1 Sande Cohen
Saul Friedlander
12 Science, Modernity, and the "Final Solution" 185
1 German Memory, Judicial Interrogation, and Historical Mario Biagioli
Reconstruction: Writing Perpetrator History from
Postwar Testimony 22 13 Holocaust and the End of History: Postmodern
Christopher R. Browning Historiography in Cinema 206
2 Historical Emplotment and the Problem of Truth 37 Anton Kaes
Hayden White 14 Whose Story Is It, Anyway? Ideology and Psychology
in the Representation of the Shoah in Israeli Literature 223
3 Ön Emplotment: Two Kinds of Ruin 54 Yael S. Feldman
Perry Anderson
15 Translating Paul Celan's "Todesfuge":
4 History, Counterhistory, and Narrative 66 Rhythm and Repetition as Metaphor 240
Amos Funkenstein John Felstiner

5 Just One Witness 82 16 "The Grave in the Air": Unbound Metaphors
Carlo Ginzburg in Post-Holocaust Poetry 259
Sidra DeKoven Ezrahi
6 OfPlots, Witnesses, and Judgments 97
Martin Jay 17 The Dialectics of Unspeakability: Language, Silence,
and the Narratives of Desubjectification 277
7 Representing the Holocaust: Reflections on the Peter Haidu
Historians' Debate 108
Dominick LaCapra 18 The Representation of Limits 300
Berel Leng
8 Historical Understanding and Counterrationality:
The Judenrat as Epistemological Vantage 128 19 The Book of the Destruction 318
Dan Diner Geogrey H. Hartman

9 History beyond the Pleasure Principle: Some Thoughts Notes 337
on the Representation of Trauma 143 (:ontributors 399
Eric L. Santner Index 401

Friedlander, Saul

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