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Surge to Freedom The End of Communist Rule in Eastern Europe

Surge to Freedom - J. F. Brown - Régikönyvek
Surge to Freedom - Régikönyvek Surge to Freedom - Régikönyvek
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Duke University Press
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Durham - London
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Nineteen eighty-nine was a year of revolution in Eastern
Europe. In Surge to Freedom, which builds on the strength of
his earlier analysis in Eastern Europe and Communist Rule,
J. F. Brown brings his discussion of the politics of Eastern
Europe up to the momentous events of the present.
Balancing historical analyses with assessments of current
events, Brown provides a country-by-country examination
of the collapse of communism in Poland, Hungary, East
Germany, Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria. He cites
these factors in the overall transformation: economic failure,
the inescapable glegitimacy of the communist regimes, the
emergence and consolidation ofsocial opposition, the loss of
confidence of the ruling elite, improvements in East-West
relations, and critical developments under Gorbachev in the
Soviet Union. Brown concludes with a comprehensive chro-
nology of the main events of 1989.
Surge to Freedom addresses not only the past and present but
looks to the future and the daunting problems facing these
emerging East European democracies. This authoritative,
highly readable, and timely account will be of great interest
to the expert and general reader alike.
"Surge to Freedom is a superb effort to capture and, convey
the momentous changes of 1989-90 in East-Central and
Southeastern Europe and an outstanding example of con-
temporary political history. Brown is masterful at making
sense of it all—of assembling, distilling, honing in on that
which is most important."—Daniel T. Nelson, Carnegie
Endowment for International Peace
J. F. Brown is a senior staff member at the RAND Corporation
in Santa Monica and teaches at the University of California
at Los Angeles. He is the author of numerous books, includ-
ing Eastern Europe and Communist Rule (1988), also pub-
lished by Duke University Press.
Cover: Romanians in Bucharest claim their freedom on
December 24, 1989. Photograph from Reuters/Bettmann

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