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The Corporation The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power

The Corporation - Joel Bakan - Régikönyvek
The Corporation - Régikönyvek The Corporation - Régikönyvek
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What would the world be like if its ruling elite was insane? The most powerful class of institution on earth, the corporation, is by any reasonable measure hopelessly and unavoidably demented. The corporation lies, steals and kills without remorse and without hesitation when it serves the interests of its shareholders to do so. It obeys the law only when the costs of crime exceed the profits. Corporate social responsibility is impossible except insofar as it is insincere. At once a diagnosis and a course of treatment, "The Corporation" is essential reading for those who want to understand the nature of the modern business system. It is a sober and careful attempt to describe the world as it is, rather than as corporate public relations departments would have us believe it to be. It reveals a world more exotic and more terrifying than any of us could have imagined. And although a billion dollar industry is trying to convince you otherwise, the corporations that surround us are not our friends. Charming and plausible though they are, they can only ever see us as resources to be used. This is the real world, not science fiction, and it really is us or them.

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intrndurtion 1
ONE The Corporation's Rise to Dominance 5
TWO Business as Usual 28
THREE The Externalizing Machine 60
FOUR Democracy Ltd. 85
FIVE Corporations Unlimited 111
SiX Reckoning 139
Appendix 169
Notes 197
Selected Bibliography 229
Acknowledgments 243
Index 247

Joel Bakan

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