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The Rings of Saturn

The Rings of Saturn - W. G. Sebald - Régikönyvek
The Rings of Saturn - Régikönyvek The Rings of Saturn - Régikönyvek The Rings of Saturn - Régikönyvek The Rings of Saturn - Régikönyvek
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Michael Hulse
A New Directions Book
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ragasztott papír
Szélesség: 13.00cm, Magasság: 20.50cm
I In hospital — Obituary — Odyssey of Thomas Browne's
skull — Anatomy lecture — Levitation — Quincunx —
Fabled creatures — Urn burial

II The diesel train — Morton Peto's palace — Visiting
Somerleyton — The cities of Germany in flames —
The decline of Lowestoft — The former coastal resort —
Frederick Farrar and the court of King James II 27

III Fishermen on the beach — The natural history of the
herring — George Wyndham Le Strange — A great herd
of swine — The reduplication of man — Orbis Tertius 49

IV The Battle of Sole Bay — Nightfall — Station Road in
The Hague — Mauritshuis — Scheveningen — The tomb
of St Sebolt — Schiphol airport — The invisibiliry of
man — The Sailors' Reading Room — Pictures from the
Great War — The concentration camp at Jasenovac
on the Sava 73

V Conrad and Casement — The Boy Teodor — Exile in
Volgda — Nowofastów — Death and interment of Apollo
Korzensiowski — Sea- and love-life — A winter journey —
The heart of darkness — The panorama of Waterloo —
Casement, the slave economy and the Irish question —
Casement tried and executed for treason ror

VI The bridge over the Blyth — The Chinese court train —
The Taiping rebellion and the opening of China —
Destruction of the garden of Yuan Ming Yuan —
The end of Emperor Hsien-feng — The Dowager
Empress Tz'u-hsi — Mysteries of power — The town
beneath the sea — Poor Algernon 135

VII Dunwich heath — Marsh Acres, Middleton — A Berlin
childhood — Exile in England — Dreams, elective
affinities, correspondences — Two strange stories —
Through the rainforest 167

VIII A conversation about sugar — Boulge Park —
The FitzGeralds — The Bredfield nursery —
Edward FitzGerald's literary ventures — A Magic
Shadow-Show — Loss of a friend — Year's end —
Last journey, summer landscape, tears of happiness —
A game of dominoes — An Irish memory —
On the history of the civil war — Arson,
impoverishment and dedine — Catherine of
Siena — The entrepreneurial spirit and the cult
of the pheasant — Through the desert — Secret
weapons of destruction — In another country 191

IX The Temple of Jerusalem — Charlotte Ives and
the Vicomte de Chateaubriand — Memoirs from
beyond the grave — In Ditchingham churchyard —
Ditchingham Park — The hurricane of
i6th October, 1987 239

X Thomas Browne's Muszlim Clausum —
The silkworm moth, Bombyx muri — Origins
and spread of sericulture — The Norwich
silk-weavers — The melancholy of the weavers —
Pattern books: nature and art — Sericulture in
Germany — The extermination business —
Mourning silk 269

W. G. Sebald

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