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Annual of Medieval Studies at CEU vol.23 2017

Annual of Medieval Studies at CEU vol.23 2017 - Gerhard Jaritz, Kyra Lyublyanovics, Judith A. Rasson, Zsuzsanna Reed - Régikönyvek
Annual of Medieval Studies at CEU vol.23 2017 - Régikönyvek Annual of Medieval Studies at CEU vol.23 2017 - Régikönyvek Annual of Medieval Studies at CEU vol.23 2017 - Régikönyvek Annual of Medieval Studies at CEU vol.23 2017 - Régikönyvek
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Central European University
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Editors' prefacc 7
Petar Parvanov
A Tale of Two Graves: Rethinking the Medieval
Re-use of Prehistoric Burial Mounds in Madara 11
Daniel K Knox
Measuring the Correspondence of Ennodius of Pavia:
An Initial Social .Network Analysis 20
Iliana Kandzha
Royal Penance as a Quasi-legal Argument in Ecclesiastical Disputes:
Representation S trategies of Ritual in Ottonian Historiography (919-1024) . 35
Marino Kumir
For the Salvation of One's Saul: Piety, Status and Mem°,
in the Dalmatian DuclD" (c. 812-850) 48
Davor Salihovie
Ro_yal Self-Representation and the Symbok of Power of
Nicholas of llok as King of Bosnia 61

Ille meus estet ego suus — The Appropriation of Saint Jerome
in the Writings of Dalmatian Humanifts 77
Mongols, Chinese and Europe: Special Papers 91
Balázs Nagy
Going Global: East Asian Contacts in Teaching and
Research in the Department of Medieval Studies 93
Stephen Pow
Fortresses that S hatter Empires:
A Look at Möngke Khan's Failed Campaign against
the Song Dynasp,, 1258-1259 96
Tünde Komori
Prestige Object or Coffee Cup? Problems of Identrffing and
Dating Chinese Porcelain Unearthed in Buda 108

Dorottya Uhrin
Monstrous Humans in the Mongol Empire.
Franciscan Accounts of the Mongolian Tribes 123
Konstantin Golev
Witchcraft and Politics in the Court of the Great Khan:
Interregnum Crises and Inter-factional Strzrntgles among
the Mongol Imperial Elite.
The Case of Fatima Khatun 132
LiaoInvestigating the Relationship between the Taiyuanyin and
the Northern Nomads during the TangDynasty 145
Ning Ya
The Mongols without Empire: Narrative S trategies
surrounding Mongol Histoiy in Modern Chinese Historiography 155
Cultural Heritage Studies in Central Europe 169
Judith A. Rasson
Cultural Heiitage Studies in Central Europe 171
Sanijela Stulic
Protection of a Historical Landscape,
the Case of the Roman Trenches in Serbia:
A Proposed Legal Framework and the Ky Actors 173
Nóra Ujhelyi
Archaeology and Metal Detecting in Hungary (2000 to 2014) 187
Gergő Paukovics
To Have and Have Not•
A Comparison of Hungarian Zooarcbaeological Protocols 200
Zsuzsanna Papp Reed
"Other Plants I Can't Name for You in English":
The Plant Composition of Monastic Herb Gardens
in Late Medieval England 213
József Laszlovszky — Karen Stark
Medieval Glass Production at Pomáz-Nagykovácsi:
The Finds andHetitage Intelpretation of an Archaeologkal Site 239
Zsombor Jékely
A New Monograph on a Royal Manuscript 265

Faith and Power: Undergraduate conference papers 275
Preface 277
Indre Douglas
The Construction of Hermit S anctip): The Case of St. Anthony 279
Daniel Elldnd
Amandus of Maartlicht:s S lavic and
Wasconian Missions, ca. AD 628-638 287
Marfia Diatlova
The Crosier and the Sword: Ön the Interconnectivib, of Church and
State Symbols of Power in Medieval Rus' 300
Daniel Ziemann
Report of the Head of Department for the Academic Year 2015-2016 311
Nada Zee'evie
MECERX Annual Report 2015-2016 324
István Perczel
Report on the SRITE Project:
The Syrian/ Mappila Christian Community in Southwest India 327
Publications of the Faculty of the
Department of Medieval Studies at CEU in 2016 339
Abstracts of MA Theses Defended in 2016 350
PhD Defenses during the Academie Year 2015-2016 362

Gerhard Jaritz

Gerhard Jaritz  további könyvei

Antikvár könyv
900 Ft 630 Ft
Antikvár könyv
900 Ft 630 Ft
Kiadás éve: 1978
Antikvár könyv
900 Ft 630 Ft

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