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Citizens A Chronicle of the French Revolution

Citizens - Simon Schama - Régikönyvek
Citizens - Régikönyvek Citizens - Régikönyvek Citizens - Régikönyvek Citizens - Régikönyvek Citizens - Régikönyvek
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In this New York Times bestseller, award-winning author Simon Schama presents an ebullient country, vital and inventive, infatuated with novelty and technology--a strikingly fresh view of Louis XVI's France. One of the great landmarks of modern history publishing, Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution is the most authoritative social, cultural, and narrative history of the French Revolution ever produced.

Alfred A. Knopf
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New York
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Preface Xiii
PROLOGUE: Powers of Recall—Forty Years Later 3

• l'he France of Louis XVI 19

II A II r I. E i Faihers and Sons 21
Ilen■es for the Times 29
CHAPTER TWO Blue Horizons, Red Ink 51
i Les Beaux Jours 51
Oceans of Debt 6o
iii Money Farms and Salt Wars 71
iv Last Best Hopes: The Coachman 79
v Last Best Hopes: The Banker 88
APTER THREE Absolutism Attacked
i The Adventures of M. Guillaume 96
ii Sovereignty Redefined: The Challenge of the Parlements 1o3
iii Noblesse Oblige? 112
C H A P T E R FOUR The Cultural Construction of a Citizen 123
i Collecting an Audience 123
11 Casting Roles: Children of Nature 145
iii Projecting the Voicc: The Eeho of Antiquity 162
iv Sprcading the Word 174

CHAPTER FIVE The Costs of Modernity 183
i l-low New Was the Old Regime? 183
ii Visions of the Future 194

Expectations 20I

CHAPTER SIX Body Politics 203
i Uterine Furies and Dynastic Obstructions 203
Calonne's Portrait 227
iii Notable Exceptions 238
CHAPTER SF.VEN Suicides, 1787-1788 248
i The Revolution Next Door 248
ii The Last Government of the Old Regime 254
iii The Swan Song of the Parlements 260
iv The Day of Tiles 272
v End Games 283
CHAPTER EIGHT Grievances, Autumn 1788-Spring 1789 288
i 1788, Not 1688 288
ii The Great Divide, August-December 1788 294
iii Hunger and Anger 305
iv Dead Rabbits, Tom Wallpaper; March-April 1789 322
CHAPTER N 1 N E Improvising a Nation 333
i Two Kinds of Patriot 333
Novus Rerum Nascitur Ordo, May-June 1789 345
iii Tableaux Vivants, June 1789 356
CHAPTER T E N Bastille, July y 1789 369
i Two Kinds of Palace 369
Specta•les: The Battle for Paris, July 12-13, 1789 378
11i Alive? Myths and Itealities in the Bastille 389
iv The Man Who Loved Rats 394
v lile Vourteenth of July 1789 399
Afterlife nÍ thcr Basiille: I'mriote and the New Gospcl 406
vii Paris, Kiii}! Vr•iieh .119

Choices 427

CHAPTER ELEVEN Reason and Unreason, July—November 1789 428
i Phantoms, July—August 428
Powers of Persuasion, July—September 441
iii The Quarrel of Women, October 5-6 456
CHAPTER TWELVE Acts of Faith, October 1789—July 1790 472
i Living History 472
ii Apostasy 482
iii Acting Citizens 491
iv Sacred Spaces 500
CHAPTKR THIRTEEN Departures, August 1790—July 1791 514
i Magnitudes of Change 514
ii The Incontinence of Polemics 521
iii Mirabeau Pays His Debts 532
iv Rites of Passage 543
CHAPTER FOURTEEN "Marseillaise," Septembcr 1791—August 1792 573
i Finished Business? 573
ii Crusaders 581
iii "Marseillaise" 597
CHAPTER FIFTEEN Impure Blood, August 1792—January 1793 619
i "A Holocaust for Liberty" 619
ii Goethe at Valmy 639
iii "One Cannot Reign Innocently" 644
iv Trial 655
v Two Deaths 663

Virtue and Death 677

CHAPTER SIXTEEN Enemies of the People? Winter—Spring 1793 678
i Straitcncd Circummances 678
Sarred I learts: flw Risiog ut the 1'entl6e 690

üi "Paltry Merchandise," March—June 705
iv Saturn and His Children 714
HAPTER SEVENTEEN "Terror Is the Order of the Day,"
June 1793—Frimaire An II (December 1793) 726
i Blood of the Martyr 726
ii "Terror Is the Order of the Day" 746
iií Obliterations 767
CHAPTER E1GHTEEN The Politics of Turpitude 793
i She-Wolves and Other Dangers 793
ii The End of Indulgence 8o5
CHAPTER N I N E T E E N Chiliasm, April—July 1794 822
i Death of a Family 822
ii The School of Virtue 827
üi Thermidor 836

Epilogne 849
Reunions 861

Sources and Bibliography 879
Index 907
Photographic Credits 947

Simon Schama

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