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Old Wine in a New Bottle

Old Wine in a New Bottle - Schisgal, Murray - Régikönyvek
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Irving Berger, having reached a late-middle-aged crisis, has decided to leave his wife of twenty-two years and move in with Dawn Williams, an attractive young actress with whom he has been having a clandestine affair. Unfortunately Irving’s arrival catches Dawn by surprise, and with a few loose ends in her own life which need to be tied up: namely Gary Duncan (who still has a key to her apartment); Scott Pomeranz (a lecherous dentist turned theatrical producer); and Darcy Slotnick (who may be a carrier of herpes). The unexpected appearance of Irving’s wife, Marsha, to discuss their divorce procedure (and to pass along some rather unkind observations from their children) only adds to Irv’s consternation, and fuels the growing suspicion that he may live to regret his rash decision. When the suddenly liberated Marsha goes off with Gary (who may have contracted herpes from Dawn, who may have picked it up from Darcy) Irv’s spirits sink still further, and when he seeks guidance from the aged Rabbi Blaufarb, it is not this ancient worthy who turns up but, instead, his free-living young son and successor (who also had a summer fling with Dawn in the Hamptons). But it is always darkest before the dawn, as we discover when it develops that the herpes scare was a hoax and when Irving and Marsha (after really talking to each other for the first time in years) decide to give their marriage—and its neglected romance—another chance.

Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
Kiadás éve:
Kiadás helye:
New York
Kötés típusa:
ragasztott papír
Szélesség: 14.00cm, Magasság: 20.00cm

Schisgal, Murray

Schisgal, Murray  további könyvei

Kiadás éve: 1971
Antikvár könyv
400 Ft 280 Ft
Antikvár könyv
1 500 Ft 1 350 Ft
Kiadás éve: 1975
Antikvár könyv
600 Ft

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