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Read English (Olvassunk angolul!)

Read English (Olvassunk angolul!) - Régikönyvek
Read English (Olvassunk angolul!) - Régikönyvek Read English (Olvassunk angolul!) - Régikönyvek Read English (Olvassunk angolul!) - Régikönyvek Read English (Olvassunk angolul!) - Régikönyvek
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Tankönyvkiadó Vállalat
Kiadás éve:
Kötés típusa:
ragasztott papír
Szélesség: 11.50cm, Magasság: 19.50cm
Elöszó 9
The Man Who Was Afraid 11
The Boy Who Remembered 15
Who Will Speak First? 20
The Rich Boy and the Poor Boy 26
The Wise Fools 31
Counting the Utile 32
The Men who could not fiad their Legs 33
Sending cheeses to market 35
The Twelfth Man was lost 36
The Cow that would not go on the roof 38
The Bird that would not stay in the Ring 39
The Story which the Officer Ilid not toll 40
King Alfred and the Cakes 41
How Monkeys Came to Live in the Trees 46
Everyone Knows 48
Of What Use Was It? 49
Gold or Stones 50
The Paris of the Body 51
Barking Dogs Do Not Bite • 52
The Scotchman and the Taxi-driver 52
The Bee and the Bird 53
The Workman and the Sailor 54
He Wanted To Be Surc 54
Looking for a.Thief 55
Blowing Hot and Cold with the Same Breath 56
The Wise Man Who Made a Mistake 57
He Was Taught a Lesson 58
1.11Teach Him a Lesson! 59
A Clever Answer 60
,Do not say what is not True 61

Mine or Yours 62
The Mice and the Cat 63
A Cake 64
A Strange Order 64
The Fisherman and the Little Fish 65
An English Tourist 66
A Peculiar Customer 67
Mr. Black in London 69
As the Ship Went Down 70
A Friend in Need Is a Friend lndeed 71
The Countrymen and [he Cloud 72
The Field of Treasure 73
The Dishonest Watchmen 75
A Large Sum of Money for a Cabbage 76
An Electronic Computer 77
He Was Perfectly Calm 7?
The Lost Property Office 81
A Spy 82
Agents 008 and 009 83
The Ghost of Glenn Avenue 85
Stories in the Rain 87
Stories at the picnic 90
For the blind 90
A little too clever 91
There Was Blackie! 91
Spot 94
Night Watch 97
A Telephone Call 101
How to Get Slim 102
The Traffic-Light Guide to Staying Slim 103
A Celebration 106
Lazy Days 108
Jack's First Flight 110
Summer Jobs 114
A New Job 116
Rooms and Furniture 118
The Ideal Home Exhibition 121
The Newspapers in Britain 121
Misleading Advice for Foreigners 122
The Weather 123
National Stereotypes 125

The Trickster 126
What the Zodim: Says about the Kind of Holidays You
Would Like 129
Hengist and Horsa 134
Al fred, the Good King 139
Canute, a Wise King 144
The Pince of Wales 146
Inforination on Examination 151
Times Change 152
Man Has Always Been Curious 156
English Proverbs and Sayings 159

Bibliography 164

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