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TIME LIFE World War II in 500 Photographs

TIME LIFE World War II in 500 Photographs - Michael Solomon szerk., Eileen Despin szerk. - Régikönyvek
TIME LIFE World War II in 500 Photographs - Régikönyvek TIME LIFE World War II in 500 Photographs - Régikönyvek TIME LIFE World War II in 500 Photographs - Régikönyvek
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Time Home Entertainment Inc.
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CONTENTS 1942: Attack and Counterattack 104

While the United States fought

btoody battles in the Pacific,

adr•duction 5 the Soviet army battered the

German military in Europe, and

the Nazis began to implement

their "Fival Solution."

to War 6 CHAPTER 6

malom air_re War I and into the 1943: The Tide of War Turns 138

1 ezperienced political
Amid human misery throughout
zwractr-.:. ee 2> new, powerful, and Russia and Germany, the Axis

began to suffer significant losses,
11111~ary ieaders who wanted to
aan empires. especiaily in the Pacific. The Allies

invaded Italy, securing a toehold in

southern Europe.


1339: Outbreak of CHAPTER 7

libr in Europe 16 1944: Overwhelming Force174

kazis seized lands With Allied forces Ianding in

_.∎>dalioa and invaded Normandy on D-Day, the great

to contain invasion of Europe began. Allied

ambitions, France troops eyed Berlin, as Russia

'.-“adeciared war on their launched a new offensive to

annihilate Germany in the east.


War Across 1945: The End of the War 206

Continents 40 As the Allies moved to Berlin, the

world learned of the horrors of the
*est and south, Nazi genocide. Germany surrendered

accupied Denmark, first, and after the United States

~Netherlands, dropped atomit weapons on Japan,

~France. After joining that nation gave up as well.

to form the Axis

TaIl ovaded Greece

valegnca. CHAPTER 9

The Aftermath 242

11111111 Veterans returned home to rebuild their

lives. The United Nations was formed
1: War to the to help ensure world peace, and both

and West 70 NATO and the Warsaw Pact were

established. Next came the Cold War,

apie against Britain, which would continue for decades.

Ivaded Russia,

a 2so-front war in

74>e. United States

rto combat on

8. 1941, following the

ar-ack on Pearl Harbor.
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Michael Solomon szerk.

Michael Solomon szerk.  további könyvei

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